Just to Look & See

Orientation tour of your employee’s future region to give them a comprehensive understanding of their future environment. It includes a review of their specific requirements, a tour of the town and its surroundings, practical information about living in the area and the property market. They will receive the comprehensive Welcome information pack and be taken to visit sample properties matching their criteria.

Moving a Family

Full support for your employee’s family as they move to their new environment. We will find them a new home, identify schooling and childcare options, take care of lease agreements, organise banking facilities, insurance and customs clearance, guide them through the process for residence permits and driving licences, and make sure that all the utilities – from water and electricity to wifi and phone – are operational from the start. We will also introduce them to their new environment and can help them with recommendations for doctors, dentists and other services and amenities. The objective is to give your employee and their family a stress-free move with no settling-in worries so that they can be fully effective from day one of their new assignment.

Moving Singly / A Couple

Full support for your employee’s move, from home search through to installation. We not only find their new home, we also handle the lease agreement, organise banking facilities, insurance and customs clearance, guide them through the process for residence permits and driving licences, and make sure their utilities are operational from the start. We will also introduce them to their new environment and can advise them on local services and amenities from doctors to plumbers and leisure activities. That way they can save all their energy for their new assignment…


For a new home that meets your employee’s requirements. We introduce them to their new environment and coordinate the total property offer, organise accompanied viewings, negotiate entry conditions, help set up the bank guarantee and prepare the lease agreement for their signature. We are there for inspection formalities on entry and we can sort out all the necessary insurance and utility supply contracts. Moving home has never been so stress free.

Depending on their needs, we can provide you a light support in the housing search.

Schooling & Day Care support

Help in finding the right schooling and day care solutions for your employee’s children. We will present the options available in the region and discuss with them what would be best for their child. We will then contact suitable schools and facilities to identify availability, enrolment requirements and organise visits. We will accompany them on these visits and can give assistance for enrolment and follow-up.

Departure Assistance

Support for moving out of your employee’s rented accommodation, from cancellation of the lease contract to release of the bank guarantee and including identification of a removal company. We prepare the cancellation letter and if they are having to leave early, we will help them find a new tenant and coordinate visits with them and the estate agent. We are with them for the pre-exit property inspection after which we organise cleaning and can get quotes for any necessary repairs. We also make sure that all their contracts and arrangements with utilities, banks, insurance and other services are duly cancelled. Once the final property inspection has taken place, we follow up to ensure liberation of the bank guarantee. We can also be on hand to supervise the removal company.

Managing Corporate Accommodation

We offer a comprehensive service for corporate apartments that includes an up-to-date file on each property with detailed information and instructions. Working with Human Resources, we schedule occupancy and organise all the entry and exit inspections, providing a welcome pack and basic supplies for incoming occupants. We liaise with estate agents/property owners and supervise cleaning and maintenance. Our Help Desk is available during office hours and we can also help with additional services like residence permits, inventory management and new property searches.

Office search

We help you find your new office in Switzerland. We will define your the search criteria based on your preferred location, capacity, the duration of the contract, the number of parking spaces needed and any other specific requirements. And in case you don’t know where you want to install your office, we will present  the different regions and guide you through the decision-making process. We will also organise and coordinate visits with estate agents, check legal clauses and make sure that all utilities are operational from the start. Our objective is to facilitate the establishment of your company in our region, making sure that every employee has a place to work from day one.

A La Carte

Whatever you need, we can be on hand to help. Whether it is organising utilities, dealing with local authorities, finding a bank, renting furniture, coordinating your move – or any one of those practical questions that pop up in daily life. Just contact our Help Desk.